It Takes a World to Make a MakerBot

The promise of 3D printing technology is that it empowers the individual to create things that have, until now, required resources and capital that were only feasible for corporations or the very wealthy. And although personal fabricators do unlock a wide array of capacities for the individual user, these capacities are enmeshed within a network of enabling people, communities, and technologies. The example of Laszlo (see What Does It Take to Be a Personal Fabricator?) shows how a trained, financially stable user who is patient enough to tolerate an imperfect machine can create objects of great utility. That said, the network of goods and knowledge that Laszlo had to harness in order to get to the point where he could fix his own blender is nothing short of astonishing. Going through the parts list for the Thing-O-Matic, as well as the things needed in order to construct the MakerBot (solder, wire strippers, etc.), one encounters at least six different visible country-of-origin stamps. The following are some examples of where various portions of the MakerBot originated:

The Thing-O-Matic's timing belts move its build platform and comes from the United Kingdom. Image source: Mathias Crawford

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Arduino, an open source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software, was designed in Italy but likely assembled elsewhere. Image source: Mathias Crawford

The power resistors, from Mexico, are responsible for heating the nozzle that distributes the melted plastic. Image source: Mathias Crawford

Like many of the parts, the self-aligning bearings are built in China. Image source: Mathias Crawford

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And this is only what is readily identifiable. If one were to further track the provenance of the other 50-odd parts of the Thing-O-Matic, this list of origin countries would grow. Furthermore, the community of people who participate in the forum discussions and help threads on the MakerBot wiki, and who provide modifiable models on Thingiverse, represent a truly global source of intellectual capital.

Which is to say, the optimum daily dosage in adults is 30-75mg baclofen, given in 3-5 divided doses. you can buy baclofen tablets online at . it takes a world to make a MakerBot. The advent of personal fabrication—technology that has the potential to change the human relationship to personal goods—is only possible thanks to the mobilization of a number of complicated global manufacturing, supply, and support chains.

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